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Our profound journey of self-healing has revealed a diverse range of discoveries and revelations. Together, we invite you to explore the transformative path we've walked.

On a monthly basis, We shift past traumas, pain and disconnection from the mind body and soul to achieve an abundant lifestyle providing a much more meaningful connection with your true authentic self, so that they can break free from distortions and recurring cycles that hinder manifestation, promoting a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling existence.

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Our Membership is filled with a variety of mind, body & spiritual tools for you to find and keep you aligned for your personal growth through monthly live gatherings, tasks and bonus material. Ensuring you stay on track and committed to your transformation.

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Embark on a heart-space journey of self-discovery in our Membership, where we offer practical insights into ancient spiritual tools and guide you toward a balanced, connected life every month. Gain the skills to navigate both spiritual and earthly realms, fostering communication with your guides and ancestors. Work on healing past traumas and learn to set healthy boundaries and embody your sacred sanctuary.

Dive into transforming your subconscious mind, reprogramming outdated patterns that no longer serve you. Break free from childhood programming and the matrix systems to create space for a more fulfilling life on your terms.

Discover tools to bridge the Mind, Body and soul, elevating your consciousness and achieving a lifestyle embodied with love and creativity. Become part of a supportive community focused on growth and mutual support. Participate in sacred ceremonies and energy work safely.

Our Membership encourages the integration of your authentic self, helping you navigate fears and attachments with grace. Cultivating healthy relationships and empowering both masculine and feminine aspects of yourself.

Together, we are here to guide you to seek inwards with the necessary techniques and energy. The ability to receive higher guidance independently, reclaiming your personal power.

Explore the profound benefits of plant medicine, herbalism, and detoxification for mental and physical well-being. Join us on this down-to-earth yet transformative path to self-empowerment, authenticity, and universal oneness. Your journey towards liberation and enlightenment awaits.

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Plant Medicine & Psychedelic Ceremonialist

I have been on a lifelong quest for truth, starting from a young age. With an open and energetic spirit, I’ve explored various paths, including personal training, mental health and special needs care, spiritual art, meditation, energy work, herbalism, and ancient modalities.

Through this diverse journey, I’ve gained insights into the human body, mind, and soul leading me to work on my own trauma and expand my consciousness. Connecting with my ancestors and guides brought me back to plant medicine and psychedelics, revealing the profound oneness of the universe. Now, my mission is to share my transformative journey and guide others towards living in the present moment, helping them discover their true essence.

Guiding & peeling back the layers of distortion within humanity, to reconnect one back to their authentic selves. A Somatic and Trauma approach to bridge ancient medicine healing into today's society.

Herbalist, Healing Dietas & Yoni Facilitator

Athena is specializing in the area of plant medicine. Athena is a herbalist; her practice began back in 2017, which allowed her to develop a spiritual and physical relationship with plants.

A trauma-informed plant medicine facilitator and ceremonialist. Her integrity lies with reconnecting the soul back to the body, mind & heart. With the roots of Ancient Greece, she has been able to bridge these connections with her ancestors. A culture so deep within this sector has taken Athena to be guided into the culture of South America over the last six years, with the utmost love, respect and honour of the plant medicines & indigenous practices/teachings; it has allowed her access to her ancestor's ways & teachings.

Athena's approach to Feminine Health is holistic, specialising as a YspecializesWellness practitioner. Her services include a range of herbal  treatments and self-empowerment ceremonies, all designed to promote and maintain optimal feminine health.

Soulful Medicine Retreats

our guiding purpose is to cultivate a sanctuary where individuals can embark on a holistic healing and self-discovery journey. Through our carefully crafted retreats, we aim to blend the wisdom of ancient plant medicine ceremonies with gentle wellness practices, providing a nurturing space for individuals to reconnect with their inner selves and reclaim their wholeness.

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The Plant Medicine & Ceremonial Integration Journal

Step into the transformative power of plant medicine integration with our "Plant Medicine Integration Journal." Designed as a sacred companion for your healing journey, this journal is your gateway to deep reflection, growth, and integration after your plant medicine ceremonies.

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