The Benefits of Grounding, what is earthing?

Sep 01, 2023
The Benefits of Grounding, what is earthing?

What is grounding?

Grounding is so important for all beings that walk above mother earth. There are many ways to ground your energy, especially if you have difficulty getting out into nature often or at all, and we will touch on these various techniques in this blog. 

Grounding is a fantastic, natural healing method to help reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation and build the immune system. Earthing is when we connect with mother earth by walking, sitting, lying, and even swimming in the ocean can be very grounding. Grounding reconnects us to ourselves to be present but also to be connected to the earth. It is in our natural habitat to feel drawn to be with nature, trees & the plant kingdom. 

The earth produces a natural electric charge, so when we connect with nature, her electrons run through our mind, body & soul. 

Mother earth has natural healing energy. 

What is grounding good for?

Why should we ground?

When we strip everything back, grounding should be something we are always connected to. The fashion trends of shoes, heels, socks, slippers and any sole that stops our feet from touching the earth already disconnects us from receiving the electrons that charge us. We must have anchored energy for our mental and physical state but also to block synthetic & dense EMFs, so she protects us from these toxins. But also for our general well-being. We live mostly amongst concrete, flooring and being inside homes is already another huge disconnection, especially if we don't have access to earth. 

When we are not grounded, we can see an increase of toxins build up in our bodies, and our immune system shows signs of weakness. Not being grounded can spiritually fragment us and emotionally put us in a state of stress, fear, anger and irrationality. Grounding allows us to be aligned and level-headed, more connected to our heart space. 

Grounding brings us calmness, reduction in toxic waste, increases our blood flow and mental health and strengthens our immunity to sickness. It has been known that any physical ailments can be realigned when spending enough time earthing; many reports have shown within 24hrs effects can take place. 

What can grounding your energy do for a spiritual connection?

This is very under looked. Before any spiritual practises or diving into the journey, grounding is one of the fundamentals. When we are grounded, we are not disconnected from our bodies and can still navigate multidimensional realms simultaneously. This is a form of protection for our soul & vessel. Grounding allows us to feel connected to the oneness of all life forms, whether earthlings or the cosmic realms. 

Grounding allows us to integrate our journeys and meditations, even more so if we experience these practices in nature itself. Especially if we have to process any releasing of healings. 

Spiritually this can also give us perspectives on our path, time to reflect on everything and clear out negative energy & old vibrations that do not serve us. This can be transmitted with mother earth and any of the 4 elements/directions. 

When we connect to the earth, it also gives us experiences of wisdom purely from her, and the journeys/meditations we can embark on are mindblowing. We receive all we need to in those moments. Not just that, the more we are open, the more nature speaks to us! 

We have earth star chakras which are located under our feet, the gateways to the human vessel (incarnation tunnel); when we work with those chakras and connect them to the earth, we are allowing the full life force to enter our dimensional body, just above that we have the knee chakras and also the root chakra. So when we are clearing and unblocking energy by grounding, it has greater effects by gradually working up the energy system. We must acknowledge these chakras just as much as the main 7. Unfortunately, they are not spoken of as much as they should be. This is fundamental as they stop us from being spiritually attacked or, worse, any bodily possessions. 

If we are trying to achieve higher spiritual work before our foundations are correctly in place, then we will not be grounded, which will cause chaos to come into effect. It may not be straight away, but other issues from this can come up later down the line. For example, suppose you have been presented with a trickster energy and are not grounded or anchored correctly. In that case, we may become irrational with our actions, and our thoughts can embody this, bringing consequences. 

What can grounding do for physical health?

Let us run through some points of the human structure and how grounding can help many body parts with ailments:

Mind & Face - Grounding improves our circulation and physical appearance, which means slow free radical damage associated with ageing, allowing us to look & feel vibrant. 


Brain - Reduces stress, brain fog, anxiety and feelings of sadness, depression and upset. In addition, grounding can help us have a better night's sleep tackling insomnia and restlessness, especially if we are overthinkers! But to also help balance the autonomic nervous system. Migraines, Headaches and tension can be reduced with grounding. 


Respiratory system - If you suffer from asthma, panic attacks or lack of oxygen in your respiratory system, nature is the best thing for you as nature helps enhance cell functionality throughout the body. It can help us regulate our breathing; sometimes, being in quiet spaces where we can use most of our senses is very reassuring to our breathing. 

Heart - Anxiety pains as it can send signals to the brain to release stress, lower blood pressure and calm irregular heartbeat.   

Gut - helps with bloating as this is a form of inflammation.

Hormones - Regulates hormones, reduces cortisol and resynchronizes cortisol hormone secretion. In addition, our thyroid function, Grounding statistically significantly decreased free tri-iodothyronine, increased free thyroxine and increased thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. Reduces insulin, which is one of the main triggers of imbalanced hormones.

Wounds, Immunity & Injuries - Reduce muscle pain, improve time for wound healing, and enhance the immune response. Supports with arthritic pains, joint inflammation and all autoimmune diseases, general colds & flu. 

Bones - Balances Calcium metabolism and helps reduce osteoporosis. Supports any painful joint inflammation.

Electrical Sensitivity - Reduces negative & synthetic electromagnetic frequencies that harm our cells. Mother earth produces positive ones for our anatomy. Reduces sensitivity for seasonal allergies. 

Does grounding really work? Our thoughts on this

There have been many studies predominantly since 2004 to test the effects of grounding, and the first experiment was the decrease in cortisol and troubled sleep patterns. There are many positive effects of grounding, and from our team of Ascension Activation, we can't live without grounding, not just for our spiritual work but for our health & well-being; we must remain connected. We are all human beings. We will not become robots!

A minimum of 20 minutes (daily if you can) is a fantastic amount of time to allow the earth's electrons to enter your system. There have been long periods where we have been busy working or caught up in our daily lives, and over some time, we see signs of inflammation, stress, IBS and many other effects if we do not allow time away from a fast sped lifestyle. However, we do receive that inner calling to spend some time in nature, which we have learnt to listen to when it is calling us in. 

Grounding has allowed us to tune into our intuition and listen to our body when it needs self-care. Our physical body is the avatar of our soul, and incorporating fundamentals is necessary to do the things we came here to do. 

Grounding Energy With Water

Techniques for Earthing / Grounding

    1. Walking barefoot on the earth's soil, sand, rocks, grass and stone.

    2. Sitting and laying outside for a reasonable amount of time. Even spending 20 minutes a day barefoot with your skin connected to the earth.

    3. We recommend changing your shoes as today's shoes are designed for fashion purposes without consideration of our bone structure, causing major hip, leg & knee imbalances. We recommend Vivo Barefoot, a trusted brand from which we purchase our shoes. Remember, it is not about what they look like. Our health & mobility is far more important in the long run. These amazing shoes allow us to feel the earth wherever we go with enough protection. 

    4. Putting your hands in water is a form of grounding; if you can embody yourself in water, that is also an excellent way not to just ground but to cleanse energy too.

    5. Regular walks, exercise, and simply breathing fresh air away from polluted areas.

    6. Connecting/touching with plants & trees is a beautiful way to connect and feel grounded.

    7. Grounding can be done through our 5 physical senses. Acknowledgement and being present grounds energy.

    8. You can ground your energy through whole foods such as dark leafy greens, beetroot, carrots, pumpkin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, and Sweet potato. A personal preference is burdock root for our gut health. Sea moss gel contains 92/102 minerals for our body to feel hormonally balanced and provides a libido and happy hormones.

    9. Gardening can be very grounding when you are seeding life, watering your plants getting your hands and feet with the earth. But it also gives you a clear headspace and time to connect with nature & plant spirits.

    10. Working on your emotional state can be done through self-healing and releasing trauma from the root chakra. When we remove stagnancy, we can be more present and connected rather than our minds being stuck in memories, traumatic events, and in the past.

What is grounding?

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