What is Juniper? Spiritual, Mental & Physical Benefits

Sep 01, 2023
What is Juniper? Spiritual, Mental & Physical Benefits

Plant history

The earliest recorded medicinal use of Juniper Berries occurs in an Egyptian papyrus dating back to 1500 BCE, in a recipe to cure tapeworm infestations. The Romans used the berries for purification and stomach ailments, while the famous medieval herbalist Culpeper recommended them for a wide variety of conditions including the treatment of flatulence, for which Juniper oil is still used today. 

Back in medieval times Juniper was seen as a protective herb and was used to ward off witchcraft and black magic. Its aromatic smoke was used for ritual purification and was said to aid in clairvoyance. On the Celtic Fire Festival of Samhain, Juniper was burned to stimulate contact with the Otherworld when the veil between the worlds was considered at its thinnest. 

Plant Identification

  • Origin: Europe 
  • Growth: Once matured, the tree will grow anywhere up to 10m and can live to over 200 years.
  • Plant family: Cupressaceae
  • Scent: Woody, spicy and clean.
  • Colour: It has brown bark with a greyish colour to it and usually peels with age. The twigs are short and red to brown in colour. Leaves are small, green and resemble needles and have silver bands in the inside.
  • Harvesting: Juniper berries ripen on a two- to three-year cycle. In the first year, the plant forms flowers that eventually produce berries. In the second year of the cycle, the berries often remain hard and green in colour. By the third year, the berries develop a rich purplish blue colour, which signifies that they are ripe. Fruit over the entire plant is always in different stages. Plants have a combination of all three stages of berry on them at any given time. When harvesting your berries, only remove the ripe berries.
  • Endangered: Not endangered.



Juniper is widely used to remove negative energies and unwanted love spells. An infusion of juniper is used to cleanse objects that may have negative energy attached to them. To protect the house from people with impure thoughts and from evil spirits, juniper twigs are hung on the front door. A properly planted juniper, with magic, care, and love, can protect the home from thieves and bad vibes.

Juniper not only banishes bad energies, but also to attracts good luck and aids manifestation. You can burn juniper leaves for cleansing and covers all ceremonial rituals. Men can carry the berries to increase masculine fertility and can also be used for daily protection. Not only can Juniper remove hexes and love spells, you can use Juniper to attract love into your life.

Smoke juniper around your entire house starting from the north to keep away theft, evil eye and the unwanted entering your home.

  • Juniper is connected to the element; Fire and carries strength, courage and power. Holds masculine energy


Juniper has many wonderful attributes for medicinal purposes. It has high nutritional value from the berries that grow, berries consist of antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits. Often used in aromatherapy, many fragrances, oils and sprays are made from juniper, it does carry antibacterial and anti-fungal activity, which is great for skin care, therapy and a wonderful ingredient to use in a homemade blends for perfume, natural house cleaning alternatives and incense. Berries are known to aid our internal health but Juniper berries are a power plant. You can use the wood and leaves from a Juniper for cleansing, relaxation and aromatherapy.

Juniper was also used as a general tonic and a cure for colds, fevers, tonsillitis and pneumonia it keeps our internal and spiritual body healthy through the winter season.

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