What is Pinyon Pine Resin? Spiritual, Mental and Physical Benefits

Sep 01, 2023
What is Pinyon Pine Resin? Spiritual, Mental and Physical Benefits

Plant history

The captivating resin of the southwestern pinyon pine tree, which thrives in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, is known as pinyon pine resin.

 Pinyon pines hold cultural significance for many Native American tribes in the Southwest. The trees, along with their nuts and resin, have been used in traditional ceremonies and rituals and as a source of materials for crafting.

Plant Identification

  • Origin: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona.
  • Growth: Pinyon pines are generally small to medium-sized trees ranging from 20 to 30 feet in height.
  • Plant family: Pinaceae (Pinus Edulis)
  • Scent: Woody, Pine aroma. 
  • Colour: Yellow, Brown-Red
  • Harvesting: Pine resin can be harvested throughout the year, with winter being an opportune time, particularly for gathering resin from storm-fallen trees and branches. The cold weather has the added benefit of hardening the resin, facilitating easier collection. When collecting pine wood, through the summer months where the sun can dry the wood or seeds is the best time for harvesting. Please be mindful of the below statement.
  • Endangered: Whilst the pinyon species are not in any endangerment, it is important to know that this is a sacred plant to indigenous regions, therefore be mindful when and where you are harvesting to ensure you are not causing any environmental damage. Understanding the nature of the trees shedding and healing process has a large factor to play in maintaining these trees sustainably.



There are many benefits that the pine tree and resin can offer. Let's dive into the spiritual benefits of pinyon pine resin. Pinyon pine resin is often used in traditional ceremonies and rituals by indigenous communities in Southwest America. The aromatic smoke produced when the resin is burned is believed to have purifying and spiritual properties.

Pinyon pine allows the user to experiences a sense of reconnection to nature and Mother Earth, envoking a connection to the spirit and wisdom of this plant. It is also used as a protection resin against melevenant spirits, entities and the evil eye, banishing unwanted energy from the user who may feel interference with such vibrations. 

Pinyon pine resin is considered a sacred offering. It may be used to honor specific deities, ancestors, or nature spirits, symbolising a connection between the human and spiritual realms. This is a common ceremonial use to cleanse the self but also to heighten the connection to the spirit world and oneself. 

An ancient practise has been recorded to seek fertility and abundance when using pinyon pine, it is known to promote peace, abundance and balance. Pinyon pine resin can encourage one to experience purification and cleansing with a sense of renewal such as new beginnings and perspective.

  • Pinyon Pine is connected to the element of Air and carries masculine energy. 


 Pinyon pine resin has many wonderful attributes for medicinal purposes.

Traditional use of the pinyon pine resin is to aid wound healing. It is applied to cuts, scrapes, or minor wounds such as splinters, boils, and skin conditions, including dry or chapped skin. It is commonly used as a first aid tool with its potential protective effects.

The aroma of burning pinyon pine resin is believed to have calming and stress-relieving effects, a wonderful resin to incorporate into any meditation or wellness practice. 

Pinyon pine can be applied for anti-inflammatory purposes. To use pinyon pine safely, it is best extracted for botanical use, such as creams, ointments, essential oil for respiratory bathing, or salt scrubs.

Pinon pine essential oil stands out as a multifaceted elixir, offering an array of therapeutic advantages. Pinyon pine oil is a comprehensive remedy renowned for its effectiveness as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antispasmodic (especially beneficial for alleviating coughs), antiviral, immune-boosting, and analgesic agent.

Moreover, this versatile essential oil extends its benefits to the realm of mental well-being, soothing and comforting the nervous system while also being recognised for its grounding and uplifting aromatherapeutic qualities.

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