What is the Divine Feminine?

Dec 17, 2023
What is the Divine Feminine?

What is the divine feminine? 

The divine feminine is an aspect of ourselves that exists within regardless of which physical gender we are born into. We inhibit masculine and feminine energy and tend to balance these parts of us equally. Still, depending on our path, we can also step into a particular energy more than the other.  

We also physically adapt to particular feminine and masculine traits, which is a part of the earth we walk amongst. Mother Earth/Gaia/Pachamama is known as the divine feminine in many beliefs and cultures; she is the earth's womb where she grows, nurtures and provides for her children.  

The divine feminine was also a figure of worship and symbolism; for example, the ancient Egyptians had Isis, the Greeks had Aphrodite, and the Hindus had Shakti; these are goddesses. The concept of the Divine Feminine has also gained value in spirituality and many new-age practices. It is often associated with reconnection and honouring feminine energies in the world and within oneself. 

It is important to note that interpretations of the Divine Feminine can vary widely among different belief systems and individuals; exploring the energy for yourself and seeing what you feel is a great idea.

The Divine Feminine & Qualities

Remember, every feminine energy is different, and we will carry this in honour of your perception and expression. For a more general understanding, here are some very common qualities the feminine holds. 

  • Creative 
  • Highly intuitive 
  • Gentleness
  • Loving & Nurturing 
  • Mother instincts 
  • Radiance 
  • Embrace
  • Co-creator with Life (the womb), Earth and Cosmos
  • Mysterious
  • Magnetic, open and receptive
  • Emotionally expressive
  • Passive 
  • Empathic 
  • Wisdom
  • Water, Earth, Night & Moon 
  • Cyclical beings 
  • Heart centred
  • Flexible 

These are just some of the beautiful qualities the divine feminine holds. Also, many of these attributes physically play a large role in the biological state of the female body. A sacred space where we can carry children, experience menstruation in cycles with the moon, and feel a change within the body through the menarche, maiden and crone phases of Life. Many reports of the feminine have been felt through the earth's seasonal changes, where one may feel more drawn towards hibernation in the winter months, but some feel an emergency stirring. 


How do I awaken the divine feminine? Why do I need to? 

The divine feminine is naturally within us all; however, facing life challenges, emotional pain, and trauma can distort and close down both the divine feminine & masculine depending on how we have interacted and reacted with our response system. The divine within us all is a connection to the greater of god/the universe, who holds both feminine and masculine, the creator/the oneness. 

When we find ourselves on the spiritual path and look for a deeper connection with ourselves, we find that there may be unhealed or unforeseen parts of the mind, body and spirit that may be in disharmony and distorted towards particular events or traits of ourselves. 

Awakening the divine feminine is a sacred and personal journey, and there are ways to unlock this energy:

  • Spending time to listen to what your body needs (e.g. Love baths, relaxation, meditation, retreat, reading a book) 
  • Connecting with your womb and sacred body parts through intention, mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Working on balancing your qualities through shadow work and healing areas that are causing fragmentation and distortion. 
  • Connection with Mother Earth, allow the wild to teach you. 
  • Creative expression: art, music or whichever makes you feel expressive!
  • Feminine Archetypes may provide inspiration and activation. 
  • Self-love with you and your body 
  • Ceremonies to honour the divine within you, connect with yourself and spend some time in stillness and body awareness.

The divine is often perceived as something godly or higher than ourselves. However, it is a humble way to experience the embodiment of the feminine nature, which is the highest version of ourselves. 

The Timeline that Returns Us to the Divine Feminine Within

The spiritual journey is and will always truly be the journey happening inside ourselves, nothing external to us. For years, the spiritual path has been corrupted by social media trends, influencers and quick fixers by books and the "my way is the right way, but pay me a heavy ££££" of today's society. Spirituality is free to us, but time and dedication are not; there is a balance within everything, and it is important one does the work internally and not seek the power from others to do it for them as that is not the true state of the feminine. There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance as it brings us to a place of remembrance and awakening. 

Due to patriarchy and the way women have been demonised over the centuries, we have lost our gentle qualities and flow of the natural ways of the sacred feminine. This has happened throughout ancestral trauma and what we experience/are influenced by in this lifetime. So, we are in a time where we are reclaiming our true essence and tapping into the natural feminine ways. The divine feminine is also not an excuse to always be in the "love and light" because that would be spiritual bypassing, where we avoid true emotions and experiences that humans are naturally supposed to embody. 

We are here to teardown and break free from the traumas, ancestral patterns, programmes and behaviours we have adapted over the years. We will always have the shadow-self (also known as the dark feminine) as this is how we begin to grow, accept and create, no matter how "spiritual or advanced" we are. 

The feminine represents the death and rebirth of all existence. Tapping into the divine feminine energy allows one to endure numerous trials and the transformative deaths of her self and persona. She who, eventually, awakens to her Eternal/Higher Self. She eases her mind, transitions into her heart space, and deeply senses her Soul—this embodies her truth. A journey of transformation awaits the feminine aspect. 

The journey of empowerment and transformation is not light and easy, but the process and what comes of it is beautiful and the revelations and experience of love in all. 

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