Micro-dosing Mushrooms

What is Microdosing?

Imagine enhancing your creativity, boosting your mood, and improving your focus without significantly altering your perception or daily routine. This is the promise of microdosing, a popular practice among those seeking to optimize mental and emotional well-being. But what exactly is microdosing, and why are so many people turning to it as a potential personal development and productivity tool? Let's dive into the world of microdosing and discover its intriguing potential. 

Understanding Microdosing 

Microdosing involves taking very small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin—the active compound found in specific mushrooms. These doses are typically around 1/20th to 1/10th of a Macro dose, meaning they are small enough not to cause significant changes in perception or consciousness. Instead, the goal is to harness the subtle benefits that these compounds can offer without the full-blown psychedelic experience.

Microdosing benefits

Find your flow state and optimize your well-being. Microdosing has been scientifically proven to have physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

1. Improved Mood, Reduced Anxiety and Depression: 

Many users report a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some studies present that psilocybin can help reset neural circuits involved in mood regulation. Mushrooms help us ground, heal, and reduce daily friction and resistance.


2. Increased Emotional Stability:

Users often feel more emotionally balanced and less reactive to stress.
Greater clarity on your identity and purpose. The ability for self-reflection and honesty, Increased connection to yourself, your community, and your world; The ability to release patterns, thoughts, habits and people that no longer serve you; Strengthened ability to identify & sit with uncomfortable emotions; A deeper connection to the different parts of yourself and your environment.

3. Enhanced Cognitive Function:

Microdosing is linked to enhanced creativity, problem-solving abilities, and divergent thinking. Users report improved attention span and ability to concentrate on tasks.

4. Physical Well-being:

Some users experience a boost in physical energy and motivation. Better maintained / deep sleep, more physical energy and less physical pain. Reduced PMS symptoms, more connection and awareness to the physical body, and the fact that it can support quitting negative physical habits and addictions. There are anecdotal reports of microdosing helping with chronic pain conditions.

5. Improved Social Interaction:

Enhanced Empathy and Connection: Users often feel more connected to others and more empathetic, which can improve social interactions. Some find expressing themselves and communicating easier.


6. Personal Development & Increased Self-Awareness: 

Microdosing can lead to heightened self-awareness and introspection, aiding personal growth & profound healing.

Users often report feeling more present and mindful daily with a deeper connection.


7. Reduced Substance Use:

Some users find that microdosing helps reduce cravings for substances like alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.

8. Potential Neuroplasticity & Brain Health:

Psychedelics like psilocybin promote neuroplasticity, potentially aiding in the treatment of mental health disorders and cognitive decline. 

9. Mental benefits include:

The mental benefits of microdosing psilocybin include clearer awareness, improved productivity, and increased concentration and focus. Users often report better decision-making due to enhanced clarity of purpose and an increased overall well-being. This practice can also lead to taking more responsibility for one's actions and perspectives. Additional benefits include decreased depression, tension, stress, anxiety, and procrastination, as well as greater awareness and presence. Many users experience increased optimism and a reduction in depressive symptoms.


10. Spiritual Benefits include:

Cultivating compassion, curiosity, humility, openness & courage; Increased optimism, confidence, openness, gratitude, grace, and creativity; Increased child-like curiosity; Increased sense of community; Greater presence and awareness, including emotional awareness; love and a greater sense of purpose in life.

11. Flow state:

There's a popular state of being known as the "flow state". Flow states have long been accessed by spiritual seekers when fully absorbed in a transcendental spiritual practice. Abraham Maslow used the term "peak experience".

Being in a flow state involves being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you use your skills to the maximum. There is often a balance between the task at hand being neither too easy nor too hard. Many people hear about microdosing and how it can induce a flow state.

Possible effects / The healing journey:

Yes, you want to feel great, and you should. That comes with some self-care and work, as well. Just like the benefits can happen on different levels, a side effect can represent a lesson to be learned that's not as obvious as its physical representation can suggest (like a headache or fatigue).

You may be going through challenges physically or emotionally, and microdosing can bring a new personal awareness that brings these challenges to the surface. This is all part of the "work".
Here are some more examples of potential side effects you could experience, though they are rare:

Fatigue/Brain fog (This may be attributed to the fact that underlying emotional/physical needs are arising); Physiological discomforts, such as temperature dysregulation, digestive and appetite issues, tingling and numbing sensations; Building a tolerance (happens when users require more psilocybin each time to achieve the same effect).

Challenges when coming to terms with changes in their consciousness and their perceptions; Uncomfortable emotions, feelings, thoughts, traumas that can come up; Reduced or impaired focus; Worsened or reduced mood; Feelings of disconnection (dissociation) - (can be a result of feeling like your current way of doing certain things isn't serving you anymore and you want to re-ground into something more authentic);
Excessive energy (restlessness, agitation); Physical risks can include nausea, headaches, or increased anxiety.

Microdosing provides various mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Working with the medicine, your mindset, and your surroundings is essential to achieving the desired outcomes.


1. Set your intentions 🍄

You are working with the medicine in a sacred way to connect to the sacrament. We recommend setting intentions for your protocol and journaling daily. There is no right or wrong "why"—acknowledging and staying aligned with your intention will help you enhance your experience.

2. Keep a journal 📝

Journaling will help bring up insights and relieve nerves—it can be a powerful way to work through emotional challenges. Journaling will also help you understand if you're subtly and profoundly benefiting from microdosing.

3. Track your mood daily 😊

Recording your moods is essential to understanding whether you take the right dose and receive long-term benefits. 

4. Practice meditation & mindfulness 🧘‍♂️

Meditation makes a powerful partner to microdosing. Ground yourself with breathwork and meditation. 

5. Take daily nature walks 🌲

Get outside in the morning to jumpstart your circadian rhythm, connect with nature, and ground your nervous system.

6. Utilize music & sound for the flow state

To make the most of your microdosing journey, explore microdosing playlists on Spotify or YouTube or create your own.

7. Seek community 👯

Humans need a connection to find someone: a friend, a coach, or a therapist who you can talk to about your microdosing journey.

Once you've researched, it's time to start microdosing. 

1. Protocol: Decide on a protocol to try out or if you want to create a custom protocol with guidance.

2. Set & Setting: Set is your mindset in any experience; setting is your physical space, schedule, and community.

3. Source, Strain, Dosage: Find a reliable, expert source to get your medicine. Then, decide what strain you'll use based on what's available. Dosage will depend on the strain, protocol, personal constitution, and more.

4. Form of the Medicine: Common ways to take your microdose are in a capsule.

Microdosing Protocols

A microdosing protocol refers to specific guidelines or a structured schedule for dosing days. When working with psychedelics, it is important to note that the body builds a tolerance very quickly. Therefore, it is best practice to stagger dosing days to allow the body to return to its baseline and experience optimal benefits.

With so much information, it can be overwhelming to determine which protocol is best for you. When you are ready to start your micro-dosing journey, we explore all the protocols to best suit your needs.