I have been a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine since 2017. 

After a long battle of PTSD, Auto Immune-disease, Hormonal imbalances and high levels of fight, flight and freeze due to sexual and mental trauma. Spirituality and the journey of self healing guided me to helping others heal themselves. From a young age my psychic abilities have stayed with me, my spiritual team guiding me where I need to be exactly.


I have been on a lifelong quest for truth, starting from a young age. With an open and energetic spirit, I’ve explored various paths, including personal training, mental health and special needs care, spiritual art, meditation, energy work, herbalism, and ancient modalities.

Through this diverse journey, I’ve gained insights into the human body, mind, and soul leading me to work on my own trauma and expand my consciousness. Connecting with my ancestors and guides brought me back to plant medicine and psychedelics, revealing the profound oneness of the universe. Now, my mission is to share my transformative journey and guide others towards living in the present moment, helping them discover their true essence.

Sacred Union

Welcome to our entwined journey crafted by Chris & Athena. Seven years ago, our lives collided, turning chaos into a tapestry of magic and beauty. Since childhood, we faced spiritual challenges, navigating astral realms and attuning to energy vibrations. The birth of The Mystic Wolf marked our journey, offering oracle readings and energy work across the UK.

Guided by shamanic vibrations, we ventured through Enter The Stargate, exploring light activations, Ascension Crystals, and channeled energy services. Monthly, we traverse stone circles and sacred sites, unraveling the Earth's deeper essence. Lionsgate brought upheaval, yet amid purges and upgrades, a September portal whispered change.

Unsettling energies prompted release during the mid-October 2022 Portal 9, where we joined twin flame friends for earthwork. Grieving, releasing, and embracing authenticity, we surrendered to the universe's grand design.

Now, witness where our path unfolds through Vlogs, The Membership and Podcast filled with Wisdom, Teachings, Courses & other Services. 

Each month, we assist individuals lacking drive or purpose, resulting in a disconnection from their true selves. Feeling stuck or lost, they acknowledge a greater purpose but struggle to pinpoint their starting point. We guide them in discovering ancient tools and sacred practices to reconnect with source energy, fostering a deeper connection with their authentic selves for liberation and peace.

Newest Addition

Phoenix! We are so blessed with your spirit little girl. Phoenix came to us as a gift, an energy exchange from a very special family who we have provided the tools for them to live their most grounded and present life. Her spirit is definitely for the life we have traveling, exploring & always on the move. She is living her best life and learning all the ceremony ways! However she is teaching us right now.

Life is much more than just money… paying your way… business and being apart of a corrupted system. When we enter our heart and we are reminded of our core being… a different lens can be experienced and return to a place of pure love .

We are in such a time of change, but she has come here to teach us the most valuable lessons of time, presence and much more.


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