Blue Lotus Shamanic Journeying Ceremony 

Welcome to the Blue Lotus Shamanic Ceremony, where we embark on a sacred journey into the realms of Shamanic wisdom. Within these realms, the lower and higher worlds unite to offer profound insights and healing, guiding you on a transformative path of self-discovery and awakening.

Lower World Expedition: Connect to  your Power Animals and Spirit Guides


Prepare to descend into the lower world, where your power animals and spirit guides eagerly await to accompany you on your quest for self-discovery. Through the art of body scanning, immerse yourself in a holistic experience as you traverse the landscape of your physical and emotional being. Explore the depths of sensation and emotion, forging a deeper connection with your inner self and establishing a firm foundation for personal growth and alignment.

Felt Sense Revelation: Unveiling Your Nervous System, Somatics & Dimensional Bodies


Unlock the depths of your nervous system and dimensional bodies through the ancient practice of Felt Sense. Learn to navigate the intricate pathways of your inner landscape, cultivating profound self-awareness and empowerment. Explore the inner realms of your being, where shadows and traces of past trauma remain dormant, ready to be touched gently and healed through transformation.

Upper World Journey: Connect to your Higher Self, Guides & Ancestors


Rise to the heavenly realms of the upper world, where the healing spirit calls you to connect with ancient wisdom. Explore and connect to your ancestral lineage and deepen your bond with your higher self as you journey through the shamanic cosmos. With the transformative essence of Blue Lotus, uncover the medicine of wisdom and awaken the limitless potential within your soul.

We engage in a process of reconnection that integrates the elements of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to foster a sense of unity, enabling individuals to overcome trauma, alleviate pain, and bridge any gaps or disconnections within themselves.

Our Intention

Our Blue Lotus Shamanic Ceremony is used for shadow work and spiritual insight to connection to oneself, guides and lower worlds. A Lotus Ceremony is not only for personal development but created to bring a community and union. We will guide you on an esoteric realm journey to safely protect, explore, connect to your mind and body for you to grow into your most authentic and higher self. 

A sacred ceremony held by us, in the direction of working several years on a dieta purely with lotus medicine. Our deep connection to the plant kingdom has allowed us to gain a profound union with this sacred ancient feminine medicine. Her guidance and her spirit came to us on how she wishes to be facilitated through us as a tough teacher of the shadows.

We co-create a space to weave our souls with Shamanics, somatic movement, meditation, sound, and ritual for personal exploration and expansion. Holding and nourishing each other in a community of like-minded humans.


Our work combines the worlds of shamanic ceremonial work, modern somatic psychology and transpersonal principles to offer the most comprehensive tools for long-lasting transformation and healing.

We are a skilled team of highly trained medicine keepers, holistic well-being professionals and an outstanding plant-based nutrition holistic team to make this a truly cleansing, immersive, supportive, and integrative experience.

We offer a comprehensive post-ceremony integration program with skilled experts to guarantee ongoing support of our growing global community.

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In Egyptian mythology - it was believed that the Earth was covered by water and darkness. From the depth of the water, a beautiful Blue Lotus appeared. When it reached the surface, the flower opened, and the light radiated in all directions, ending the darkness on Earth.

The solar deity Ra was born from the centre of the flower. 

From the tears of Ra, the Egyptian sun god, falling from the sky and touching the Earth, the tears transformed into honey bees, bringing honey and abundance to the Nile Delta.

This majestic flower was utilised in temple ceremonies for blessing, anointing, healing, meditation, and large or intimate community events. Come from the plant family Nymphaea and can be grown ethically on sustainable farms, however usually in nature they bloom for 3 days in the summer months of the regions: South East Asia, Egypt and India.

Blue Lotus is a master plant. A sacred, wise teacher of consciousness, peace, presence, flow, spirituality, ancient initiations, and much more.

One might wonder why the Blue Lotus is depicted in most temples in ancient Egypt and why Lotus is a sacred plant in the Greeks, Myans, Buddhist and Eastern traditions.

Blue Lotus is a very high-vibration plant. It is a pure channel to the divine, a pure channel to consciousness, and as such, can facilitate profound healing, insights and spiritual growth.

The physical manifestation of plants usually gives us a sign of their spirit and their medicine. Blue Lotus, also called The Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile, grows wild in ponds and other bodies of water. Blue Lotus grows only in clean water. It grows from the deep, dark mud, through the water and into the light, where it blooms only 3 days a year. In these 3 days, it will open up to the sun and, each night, close its petals and dive under the water again to be reborn when the sun rises the next morning. 

A Private or group Blue Lotus Shamanic Ceremony

A private Ceremony or group Ceremony can be completely customised to your personal needs and aligns you with your natural state of being. It offers long-lasting opportunities for change and inner peace.



The medicine of Blue Lotus

There is so much to say about the medicinal benefits of Blue Lotus. 

The entheogen apomorphine stimulates serotonin and dopamine production, balances the central nervous system, relieves anxiety and panic, and is even said to prevent Parkinson’s disease. Her sedative effects are a useful relaxant and sleep aid. Thanks to alkaloids in the plant, blue Lotus increases our libido and stimulates our sensuality and fertility.

The entheogen nuciferine is also present and acts and is said to relieve symptoms of depression and PTSD and even act as a mild antipsychotic. Many people find her influence grounding, widening the field of awareness, and gifting a sense of perspective.

This entheogen is also an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, relieving pain and stiffness symptoms.

The antioxidants and flavonoids present in Blue Lotus help maintain our body’s balance by neutralising free radicals. They also have anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic qualities.

Nymphanol present in the lily reduces cholesterol and regulates insulin production.

She is euphoric and, in higher doses, can be psychoactive, with mild hallucinogens that produce vivid dreams. 

Blue Lotus is often called ‚Äúthe dream flower.‚ÄĚ The Egyptian, Mayan, Syrian, Thai and African cultures worked with her plant medicine for her lucid dreaming properties. The science behind this is that a higher serotonin level increases sleep quality and the likelihood of lucid dreaming. Many people experienced a lot of clarity after dream time with Blue Lotus.¬†


Out of the mud of your fears, pain, struggles and confusion, the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow.


The Healing Power of Plant Ceremonies


You don‚Äôt need to be unwell to reap the benefits of making healthy choices ‚Äď it‚Äôs all part of investing in your well-being. Proactively maintaining your mental health is as important as taking care of your body by exercising or eating well.¬†

Most people are now familiar with the scientific advances that have been made in using plant medicine-assisted therapy for treating dis-ease thanks to a surge in mainstream media. What’s also coming to light is that plant medicine works and benefits people without diagnosed mental health conditions who nonetheless wish to improve their mental well-being, creativity and ability to thrive despite modern stressors. 

We have all experienced Trauma, even if those traumatic events have not resulted in diagnosed mental health conditions. We’ve all experienced a particularly stressful few years during the pandemic. Our lives are typically busy with competing demands on time and energy, and our bodies accumulate daily stress. This can lead to burnout in the long run.

Plant medicine provides an opportunity to process and discharge Trauma and stress from the nervous system and the body, where it is stored. This helps us mentally recharge, improves mood and enhances our overall well-being. Providing the appropriate ‚Äúcontainer‚ÄĚ ‚Äď a controlled and safe environment ‚Äď and a guided plant medicine ceremony allows our body to release stored tension and emotional burdens.

Guided Sensual Tea Ceremony, 
an intimate act.

 Intimate act between the plant medicine (which we connect with as a tea) and you.
The plants are our ancestors. They were here on this planet way before us.
Plants made this planet liveable for us. 
They are teachers; they are medicine. 

When you engage in a tea ceremony, you connect with the plant’s spirit; you set an intention. Then, you allow the plant to enter your body, Your Temple. A tea ceremony is a full-body experience. You use and connect with your senses while observing the experience. 

It’s a form of meditation; it’s a ceremony and ritual.


A guided approach during the Ceremony also helps deepen your experience with plant medicines. This might look like reassurance or verbal support, asking questions or using therapeutic processes to expand your experience. The nature of the Ceremony allows new thought patterns and expansive visions to emerge. Sometimes, people can get lost in thought or stuck in their heads; facilitators can help guests by guiding them through practices that quiet the mind and help them turn inward. Participants can rest assured and fully submit to the experience, knowing they are safe and supported. This is the ideal setting for any plant medicine experience.

It is also important to give yourself space to integrate from a retreat/ Ceremony experience (which, at Soulful Medicine, is fully supported.) In a guided setting, where facilitators create a container of safety and provide the necessary support.

Who Will Benefit Most from Our Ceremonies?

Our Ceremonies offer a unique opportunity to engage in a controlled and nurturing setting, allowing profound introspection and self-discovery. We are tailored for those looking for a journey of personal growth and self-exploration. We are especially beneficial for individuals who:

  • Seek to gain new perspectives on life and personal challenges
  • Obtain the shamanic Tools to connect to your Power animals, Guides & Ancestors
  • Desire to explore their inner world in a safe and supportive environment
  • Integrate and heal the Shadow self & Trauma imprints
  • ¬†Are open to transformative experiences that could lead to lasting change
  • ¬†Recognise the feeling of being ‚Äėstuck‚Äô in life and are looking for new directions
  • Interested in integrating spirituality and mindfulness into their daily lives
  • Wish to deepen their connection with nature and themselves
  • Unsure about trying a Plant medicine ceremony, this will be a great first step.
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