Our Intention

Our plant ceremony is used for deep healing and connection to oneself. We will guide you on a multi-dimensional journey to heal, explore, remember and grow into your most authentic self. 

A ceremony held in deep reverence to ancestral traditions of the earth. Our safely held container offers a space for our clients to journey into the depths of our inner landscapes to release any pains, traumas and blockages holding us back from living life fully.

We co-create a space to weave our souls with Shamanics, somatic movement, meditation, sound, and ritual for personal exploration and expansion. Holding and nourishing each other in a community of like-minded humans.


Our work combines the worlds of shamanic ceremonial work, modern somatic psychology and transpersonal principles to offer the most comprehensive tools for long-lasting transformation and healing.

We are a skilled team of highly trained medicine keepers, holistic well-being professionals with an outstanding nutrition and holistic team to make this a truly cleansing, immersive, supportive, and integrative experience.

We offer a comprehensive post-ceremony integration program with skilled experts to guarantee ongoing support of our growing global community.

The Sacred Fungi

A type of fungi that contain psychoactive compounds. These compounds are responsible for the hallucinogenic effects and have a long history of use in various cultures for religious, spiritual & shamanic purposes.

In the body the compounds interact with serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to altered perceptions of reality, changes in thought processes, & enhanced sensory experiences. The effects can vary widely depending on factors such as dosage, individual sensitivity & the environment in which they are consumed.

Medicinal & Spiritual Benefits

The magic they hold is for you to experience higher consciousness, expansion of awareness, perspective, connection with the spiritual and natural world, the experience of the oneness, understanding energy, frequency & vibration. We all know that trips are not always love & light. The fungi has a great intelligence in giving you what you need. They work very well with emotional pain, trauma & helping you face parts of yourself that is ready for your attention or ready to be released. This is why working with experts and facilitators who specialise in holding plant medicine ceremonies can hold the space safely for you. When we feel like we are experiencing some what of a "negative experience" it is a relief knowing you are safe & someone is by your side.


Plant Medicine Ceremony & Integration Package

  •  Session 1: Discovery Call & The First Step On Your Journey & Tools & Somatics (60mins)
  • Session 2: Pre Ceremony, Dieta Plan, Health & Safety + Preparation (60mins)
  • Session 3: The Plant Medicine Ceremony Day (4-7hours)
  • Session 4: Integration & Personalized Transformative Plan (60mins)
  • 125 Page Journal for Post Integration & Shadow work
  •  Ongoing support, Check-ins & Aftercare

Each month, we assist individuals lacking drive or purpose, resulting in a disconnection from their true selves. Feeling stuck or lost, they acknowledge a greater purpose but struggle to pinpoint their starting point. We guide them in discovering ancient tools and sacred practices to reconnect with source energy, fostering a deeper connection with their authentic selves for liberation and peace.

Medicinal & Spiritual Benefits

The psychoactive compounds interact with serotonin receptors in the brain. The serotonin system is a complex network of neurotransmitters & receptors that play a crucial role in mood, perception, & various cognitive functions.

The Receptors:
The binding of its compound to serotonin receptors, leads to an increased release of serotonin & alters the normal patterns of serotonin transmission. They can activate any shut down receptors from PTSD, anxiety, trauma, depression & other psychological impact on the person.

Increased Neuron Activity:
The Fungi promote neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to reorganise & form new connections. This could potentially underlie the therapeutic effects observed in some studies, particularly in the treatment of mood disorders.

Medicinal & Spiritual Benefits

Spiritually this shows us how we can reprogram our minds from negative to positive behaviours, patterns & thought processes. From our personal experience we have seen a huge transformational with our personal journey. Not only that, the levels of serotonin can open up the heart to feel the unconditional love, that we are not separate from each other including nature.

  • Feeling of deep connection with all that exists
  • Loss of fear and self-concern associated with ego boundaries
  • New appreciation for everyday life
  • Experience of direct encounter with the divine
  • Inner sense of renewal and revitalisation
  • Enhanced neural plasticity
  • Ego dissolution and personal growth
  • Forgivness and inner peace
  • discover the deeper meaning to life
  • Heightened awareness and connection between the mind and body

A Private Plant Ceremony

A private ceremony can be completely customised to your personal needs and aligns you with your natural state of being. It offers long-lasting opportunities for change and inner peace.


Common benefits:

  • Insight into core beliefs, programs and sense of identity
  • Breaking out of negative habits, patterns and addictions
  • Deep healing through emotional release
  •  Increased compassion for others, leading to stringer relationships
  • Access altered states of conciousness
  •  Increased self compassion and love
  • Mood stabilisation and overal well-being
  • Enhanced neural plasticity
  • Discharge Trauma & stress through the nervous system & body
  • Profound revelations
  • Relase stored tension and emotional burdens from the bones,muscles, trendons, tissues and fascia
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Think outside the normal framework of space, language and time
  • New perspectives on existing projects and ideas
  • Downloads from higher self
  • Increased artistic and aesthetic sensibility
  • Faster and easier to generate new ideas


We are bridging scientific research & other practices with ancient wisdom traditions in order to create the richest possible experience for participants.


The Healing Power of Plant Ceremony

You don’t need to be unwell to reap the benefits of making healthy choices – it’s all part of investing in your well-being. Proactively maintaining your mental health is as important as taking care of your body by exercising or eating well.

Most people are now familiar with the scientific advances that have been made in using psychedelic-assisted therapy for treating mental health conditions, thanks to a surge in mainstream media. What’s also coming to light is that plant medicine works and benefits people without diagnosed mental health conditions who nonetheless wish to improve their mental well-being, creativity and ability to thrive despite modern stressors.

We have all experienced Trauma, even if those traumatic events have not resulted in diagnosed mental health conditions. We’ve all experienced a particularly stressful few years during the pandemic. Our lives are typically busy with competing demands on time and energy, and our bodies accumulate daily stress. This can lead to burnout in the long run.


Plant medicine provides an opportunity to process and discharge Trauma and stress from the nervous system and the body, where it is stored. This helps us mentally recharge, improves mood and enhances our overall well-being. Providing the appropriate “container” – a controlled and safe environment – and a guided plant medicine ceremony allows our body to release stored tension and emotional burdens from the bones, muscles, tendons, tissues and fascia. Participants report feeling calmer, more relaxed and centred after partaking in a plant ceremony. The afterglow of a psychedelic experience can last for days, weeks or even months. Studies have Displayed that many people develop a new outlook on life after their psychedelic experiences.

The use of psychedelics has also been shown to enhance our social connections, fostering deeper and more meaningful interactions. Plant medicines are natural, and those participating in a Plant Ceremony often feel a greater connection with nature, the earth and other people and living creatures after this experience. A feeling of oneness and a sense of connectedness pervades, as well as a deeper understanding of life and spirituality.

Psychedelics also reintroduce us to our bodies, feelings, sensations and emotions. Studies have shown that psychedelics allow people to become more present and embodied. Through the use of plant medicines, we can adjust our perspective, and this often enables us to come up with different solutions to our problems. You may feel more empowered and in control of your life following Ceremony. Plant medicine can also contribute to self-betterment and more creative problem-solving. Psychedelics, in particular, may boost creative thinking, thereby enhancing self-expression through various art forms or simply understanding and expressing ideas and feelings.

It is important to understand the difference between the legitimacy of a guided or therapeutic Plant Ceremony versus the recreational use of psychedelics and why Ceremony is the method most likely to promote these benefits and long-lasting well-being. Firstly, guidance from our team of trained and accredited practitioners begins long before a Plant Medicine Ceremony begins. In “Soulful Medicines” preparation process, a mental and physical assessment is completed before guests arrive to ensure readiness. Once at the retreat/Ceremony, guests are guided through steps that help them set clear intentions for the Plant Ceremony and learn skills that help them regulate their nervous system, stay with uncomfortable feelings or experiences and navigate the psychedelic experience. This preparation helps to create a container of safety and to have guests develop the appropriate mindset when approaching plant medicine work.


A guided approach during the Ceremony also helps deepen your experience with plant medicines. This might look like reassurance or verbal support, asking questions or using therapeutic processes to expand your experience. The nature of the Ceremony allows new thought patterns and expansive visions to emerge. Sometimes, people can get lost in thought or stuck in their heads; facilitators can help guests by guiding them through practices that quiet the mind and help them turn inward. Participants can rest assured and fully submit to the experience, knowing they are safe and supported. This is the ideal setting for a psychedelic experience.


It is also important to give yourself space to integrate from a retreat/ Ceremony experience (which, at “Soulful Medicine”, is fully supported.) In a guided setting, where facilitators create a container of safety and provide the necessary support, it is possible to have life-changing experiences with psychedelics. Exploring the expanded states of consciousness that psychedelics provide creates many positive outcomes that aid mental wellness.


Who Will Benefit Most from Our Ceremonies?

Our Ceremonies offer a unique opportunity to engage with the plant medicine in a controlled and nurturing setting, allowing profound introspection and self-discovery. We are tailored for those looking for a journey of personal growth and self-exploration. We are especially beneficial for individuals who:

 Seek to gain new perspectives on life and personal challenges

Desire to explore their inner world in a safe and supportive environment

 Are open to transformative experiences that could lead to lasting change

 Recognise the feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life and are looking for new directions

Interested in integrating spirituality and mindfulness into their daily lives

Wish to deepen their connection with nature and themselves

Plant Medicine Ceremony & Integration Package

  •  Session 1: Discovery Call & The First Step On Your Journey & Tools & Somatics (60mins)
  • Session 2: Pre Ceremony, Dieta Plan, Health & Safety + Preparation (60mins)
  • Session 3: The Plant Medicine Ceremony Day (4-7hours)
  • Session 4: Integration & Personalized Transformative Plan (60mins)
  • 125 Page Journal for Post Integration & Shadow work
  •  Ongoing support, Check-ins & Aftercare

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